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Healthworkers in Kroo Bay health clinic, Sierra Leone. Credit: Anna Kari/Save the Children

The Global Health Workforce Alliance includes 10 recommendations in its Manifesto for Action to build the health workforces needed for Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Everyone has a role to play in implementing these recommendations and ensuring that there is a health worker in reach of every child who is properly trained, equipped, paid, recognised and supported so that they can both prevent and treat the leading killers of children.

Business as usual is not an option. We need to work collectively to address existing weaknesses in health workforces as we approach the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. We must also start now to anticipate future needs and challenges as countries make progress towards UHC. Further efforts are required to accelerate and expand implementation of HRH commitments made at the local, national and global levels and to increase mutual accountability.

Actions you can take today

Join the global movement for health workers:

Raise awareness:

  • Spread the word about the importance of health workers. Use your networks, the media and social media to educate others about the actions needed to ensure a health worker in reach of every person
  • Start planning activities for World Health Worker Week in April 2014
  • Nominate a health worker for a REAL Award or organise your own initiative to give more health workers the recognition they deserve

Learn more:

  • Speak to health workers and communities. Learn about the challenges they face and how they could be addressed
  • Find out what commitments and budget allocations your government has already made to strengthening HRH (e.g. in national health plans or through global initiatives such as the 3rd Global Forum, Every Woman Every Child or the G8)
  • Monitor progress: to what extent are existing plans and commitments being implemented? Are resources getting to where they are needed? Are governments adhering to the Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel  ?
  • Follow the hashtags #HealthWorkers and #HealthWorkersCount on Twitter

Read about the work that other organisations are doing to strengthen health workforces around the world: