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RDr Bama is the chief, and only, doctor at Bambari Regional Hospital, which has a catchment population of around 150,000 people.

Human Resources for Health: progress and future challenges

The Global Health Workforce Alliance’s report’s Universal Truth: No Health Without a
Workforce’ aims to consolidate what we know about human resources for health (HRH)
and inform how to attain, sustain and accelerate progress towards Universal Health

The report argues that the health workforce is central to Universal Health Coverage and
suggests 3 guiding questions for decision-makers:

1. What kind of health workforce is required to ensure effective coverage of an agreed
health benefits package?

2. What kind of health workforce is required to progressively expand coverage over

3. How does a country produce, deploy and sustain a health workforce that is both fit
for purpose and fit to practice in support of UHC?

In answering these questions countries will have to overcome a number of challenges.

To achieve UHC all countries must ensure that they are building and maintaining a
health workforce that is available, accessible and acceptable to the whole population –
including the poorest and most vulnerable – and providing the best possible quality of

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